Rice and Beans, Belize City

Moving through Belize quickly we had 2 days of chicken bus adventures and a night in Belize City.

Belize City reminded me of Port Moresby a lot. Lots of poverty, slums and reggae. I can probably even understand the pidgeon PNG better than the english spoken in Belize.
Our night started at a dive bar, sitting in the dark surrounded by cheap wood veneer paneled walls covered in Belizian swimsuit calander girls.


rom there we wandered into town for some food. After wandering down the dirt main street and along the water front we were led by a fellow called Prince Charles to the place he gets paid to take people like us too.

Lukes wish since we knew we were coming to Belize was to eat rice and beans. Well lukes main goal in life is actually to eat rice and beans for every meal if possible.

So along with him i ordered the stew with rice and beans. The rice and beans turned out to be quite different to the mexican version. Here they do a fried rice type dish with the said ingredients. Unfortitatly they had run out of Gibnut (some sort of eating rodent, sorry Juna) so i setteled with the chicken.

It wasmt what we call stew in Australia. More just a couple of hunks of chicken that may have been stewed at some point. It was salty and good. More of a soy sauce sort of flovour than i have tasted in anythying in Mexico. Also along for the ride was some chicken skin and fat on top of the rice. And some sort of potato salad.

It hit the spot pretty well.

Other than that the only other thing i ate in Belize was a hamburger that i got on the bus, which turned out to be a devon sandwich with tomato sauce.

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Growing veggies, keeping the solar going and listening to music; one might think Roy never leaves his home with his green thumb yet he is an adventurous foodie who loves trying the weird and wonderful cuisines of any culture. An electrical engineer by trade his nerdiness also crosses over into his love for folk music and playing warhammer.

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