Salamanca Markets, Tasmania

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To round off our recent (ish) trip to Tasmania we stopped in at the Salamanca markets before jetting our way back to Brisbane.

The markets are located on the waterfront in Hobart, between a strip of park and a strip of pubs and restaurants.

By the time we got there i was bloody hungry. The first thing i saw was the first thing i ate. It was a gypsy type food stall with huge rotating skewers of meat. As they rotated they pushed against each other moistening and tenderising.

From here i got a kebab of sort which was good. So good we came back and got another on our way to drop the car off at the rental place.

The first one was made with meat from the meat type roller, which reminded me of one of those old hand crank rollers you use to get the water out of clothes. I was hoping that this would set the standard for all the other things that crossed paths with our hungry stomachs that morning.

The other one was gypsy sausage, good, but not as good.

The Danish donuts were interesting. Pretty doughy.

The Persian mushroom thing had tinned mushrooms. Oh no, we are going downhill here. Who the hell uses tinned mushrooms when you can get fresh ones dirt cheap at the stall next door?

Mmm, curried sausage. Cant really go wrong can you.

And as much as we wanted the food odyssey to continue, we had made it right round and didn’t see anything else too exciting. Oh well. I was kind of full by this point anyway.

We did see some young lads playing a bit of irish music, which was excellent.

And spotted a bottle of milk the boys at home would have loved.

All in all Tasmania was fun. Expensive, but fun.

I don’t thing we would have needed much more time to do our loop of the island. Maybe 3 weeks instead of 2.

I would love to come back to do the overland trail oneday…when I’m fit. Yeah, maybe.

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