Spaghetti and Meatballs Recipe


With a few extra hands in the kitchen, this meal is quick and easy to prepare. Good quality mince from the butcher a few pantry items and this meal will suit any budget.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

  • 500g beef mince
  • 1 brown onion diced
  • 3 cloves garlic finely diced
  • 1 tbs chopped fresh thyme
  • 1 tsp lemon zest
  • 2 tbs chopped parsley
  • 1 tin diced roma tomatoes
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar
  • 250g spaghetti (or dried pasta of choice)
  • Sliced parmesan
  1. Preheat oven 180’c.  Place the mince in a large bowl. Along with half of the onion, 1/3 of the garlic, thyme, parsley and lemon zest.
  2. Mix the ingredients, it is best to use your hands for this.  Then roll the mixture into bite sized balls.  Place them on a tray lined with baking paper.
  3. Place the meatballs in the oven and cook for 10-12min or until cooked
  4. Heat up a saucepan of water for the pasta.  Once it has come to a rolling boil, add the pasta and cook for 8min, and then drain.
  5. In the meantime, drizzle a little olive oil in a large frying pan, thrown the remaining diced onions and garlic in.  Once they have softened pour in the diced roma tomatoes, fill the tin half way with water and give it a stir, then add the water to the pan.  Stir in the sugar and allow the mixture to come to the boil.  Add the meat balls to the mixture and allow to simmer for 5 min.
  6. Season with salt and pepper and serve on top of your pasta along with a few slithers of parmesan cheese.
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Lizzie Moult

Lizzie Moult

Planning, cooking, chasing kids & running an online business; it might seem like there is a lot going on. Yet Lizzie is all about living simply and creating a flexible lifestyle that enables plenty of travel, adventure and quality time. A lifestyle writer and photographer for over 10 years for numerous publications, working online for over 14 years Lizzie also works as a mentor for women who are looking to create and live a life with passion & purpose at

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