Storm Watching With Isla


You know it’s summer when the storms start to roll by and the days become humid making everything unbearably hard.  Ah, summer in Queensland, what’s not to love?

Heat is ok, humidity is not ok. The past couple of days Isla and I have been at war with the weather. We find ourselves sticky from sweat and clammy from the humidity. Not a winning combo while breastfeeding, so much sweat. Most days we have stayed cool with a squirty bottle of water on the verandah watching the storms roll around or we huddle up inside the shed waiting for the storm to end.

We have had a bit of rain over the last couple of days, not so much today though which means I am sitting in front of my laptop with the doors all open to let the breeze in and I am still hot. The one thing about storm season is waiting, thinking to yourself is this the one going to cool it down. The build up of humidity can be rather unbearable but when it breaks man does it feel good. A great excuse to have the doona close by still.

With the afternoons cloud watching Isla has not flinched once at the sound of thunder. Many months ago I found a sleep app that had a thunderstorm as the sound. Perfect I thought. I could get her use to the noise before storm season kicked in. So far it has worked, the sound of rain on the tin roof even when it is pelting down does not seem to make her worried. Maybe when she grows up the sound of storms will be different.

I remember watching storms when I was growing up with my parents. Dad taught me about which way the clouds were moving, how to tell if there was hail coming and the different stages of a storm. I am very grateful of the knowledge that I learnt about watching the weather as it comes in handy all the time. I do remember when I was very young I use to be scared of storms, I would hide between the bookcases in our hall way. It was my favourite hiding place. I grew out if slowly to then appreciate the energy the sky can offer.

I hope that one day Isla has the same love of watching the weather. It is so important to anyone who grows their own food, have tank water and animals. Were you ever scared of storms? Do you love to watch them roll by?


Not even fussed about the thunder. Just need to stay cool and hydrated. 

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Lizzie Moult

Lizzie Moult

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