Thai Wi-Rat

Thai Noodle Soup

Thai Wi-Rat is a nice cheap place with outdoor seating on Fortitude Valleys Chinatown mall.
Last year (or possibly the year before) at some point i became quite addicted to the following noodle dish. It is simply Dark Soup with Egg Noodle and Pork. It has the most amazing broth with many little bits of stuff Ive never seen anywhere else floating around in it.
Add to this pork crackling, greens, sprouts and some lean pork meat and you have a definite winner. This became my prized hangover cure for quite a time. I think i even got Mikey visiting the place on his own for this when i wasn’t around. The only problem i have with this dish is the small amount of both they actually dish you up. Even when i asked for extra i never really got that much.

When it arrives at the table they run off and quickly return with a small stainless steel treasure chest. The box itself looks like its worth a couple of hundered dollars. Inside is some sugar, chili power stuff, fish sauce and some red stuff (quite tart, possibly some mix of fish sauce, chili and other mystery items, tamarind?).

I spent many months trying to make a broth that even tasted remotely like the one they made here. All i did was waste a lot of time and end up with some very fishy noodle soup, which wasn’t too bad for a hangover. But if eaten otherwise would probably pump the old blood pressure up to 160/100. What is it about a good hangover that allows me to eat the equivalent of two handfuls of salt and leave me feeling good, rather than sending my pulse rate in to overdrive and making me feel sick and run for my blood pressure medication (oh yeah, i had a kidney removed when i was a kid, results of an accident involving a fight with a BBQ).

Ill get to the Banh Mi eventually. Its been raining and sitting in the park with a baguette ain’t really as appealing as hot soup, surprise surprise.

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