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The Garden Share Collective is in its sixth month of running and we have a really wonderful group of inspiring gardeners. Not only do they keep me thinking about what to plant, it almost forces me to go and do the weeding before I take any photos. Weeding is a big job when your veggie patch is about an acre in size. I have been asked to talk at Woodford Folk Festival this year about the project and to hopefully encourage others to start their own veggie patches or even grow their own herbs. Once again for those of you really eager to go and check out others gardens,  at the bottom of this post you will find our members.

October was a month of crazy weather. You will hear me harp on about this subject every time. However its spring time here in sunny Queensland and we should not be getting days of 34+C’ consecutively with northerly winds. It’s great for my heat loving peppers, eggplants, tomatoes and corn. Everything else is looking a little less cared for. The rains we have had helped rejuvenate the weed population as well as boost the veggies into flowering and fruiting. We have had a bumper harvest this month which I will get to a bit later.


The eggplants and peppers above have received some maintenance but we have just had a group of hungry lady beetles move in. So I do rounds in the afternoons squashing the ones with the incorrect numbers of spots.  Below the top part of the garden has been slowly put to rest, with the mulching of the old potato beds, mustard greens and kale about to get pulled out if they haven’t already. I will be keeping my curly kale going however the tuscan and red wont survive the heat. Other BUG related issues I have had a plague of caterpillars through my tomatoes this year. It’s never happened before and I wondered if any of you have any ideas about keeping them at bay? sprays to make up.



It’s sad to say this month we planted out about 24 chili’s and that’s it. The weather is a yoyo and until I have water for the garden I am letting it rest until after Christmas when the rains start again. I am looking forward to getting our tanks in for water collection in the coming months  – this time next year I will have water and don’t have to sort out what to keep alive and what not too.




We have been really fortunate with getting two good storms through dropping 12 & 14mm of rain on the garden. The veggies have been supplying us with heavy crops which we are sharing around the community and supplying my boss’s business. We have picked thousands of cherry tomatoes (cherry cocktails, black cherries and yellow cherries) and we have also been getting a few roma’s, black russians and another variety that are perfectly rounded and red. We think they maybe grosse lisse. Above the big green tomato took 1 week to ripen on my bench with the other tomatoes. I had to save him just in case the caterpillars found him.

The rain gave a growth spurt to the zucchinis I even picked one that weighed 800gms – he was huge. But we have had over 10 kilos so far from our 20 plants. The cucumbers also love water and doubled in size after the rains and we have steadily been pickling 2-3 a day for the past few weeks. This month I hope to be picking eggplants, they are looking so good but I just want them a bit bigger.

For those of you who follow me on social media, I did go back and pick the green capsicum, he was just too good to leave there. I was talking to my boss who says that they take a long time to go red hence the price difference at the supermarket. Also the yellow zucchini’s are called crook-neck they are an heirloom variety that we tried out this year and they have been really successful though they are susceptible to powdery mildew more than the other varieties. Will be keeping some seeds for planting next year.



November for us is finish putting all the unused beds to sleep until after Christmas, which means some heavy weeding and mulching is on the cards. Watering will also be a priority depending on how the weather goes.

Seed Swap

This month I have only broccoli seeds and possibly next month some asian greens like – bok choi and pak choi. If anyone want the asian greens let me know and I will collect them for you, otherwise I am happy for them to self seed in my veggie patch.

Garden Share Collective Members


 Eight Acres – QLD Our Wee Farm The Landrover Owners Wife
 Dig In Hobart – TAS Frog Pond Farm  The Garden Deli
 The Life of Clare – VIC Sharon’s Patch  Dale Cottage Farm
 Brown Paper Belle – QLD The Fig Tree  Shabby Chick
 A Fresh Legacy – VIC  NZ Ecochick
 Claire K Creations – QLD
 African Aussie – QLD
 Think Big. Live Simply – VIC
 Gustoso – QLD
Gourmet Wog – NSW
 Chloes Garden – VIC
 Flame Tree Flowers – QLD
 Donna Digs – VIC
 Jeanie in Paradise – QLD
 Dusty Country Road – VIC
Country Life experiment – NSW
 My Yellow Heart – WA
 Merryn’s Menu – NSW
The New Good Life – VIC

Helarious – NSW

Jellywares – NSW

She Cooks, She Gardens – SA



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Lizzie Moult

Lizzie Moult

Planning, cooking, chasing kids & running an online business; it might seem like there is a lot going on. Yet Lizzie is all about living simply and creating a flexible lifestyle that enables plenty of travel, adventure and quality time. A writer and photographer for over 10 years for numerous publications, working online for over 14 years Lizzie also works as a mentor for down to earth entrepreneurs, creatives, bloggers and leaders at

18 Responses

  1. Thank you again for organising this, Lizzie.

    Your garden always looks so bountiful and well organised. We only got 1 shower last month. Admittedly there was 30mm in that shower, but it was sorely needed.

  2. Hi Lizzie, what a lovely harvest you are getting at the moment! 20 zucchini plants is a huge number. I hope that you find a solution to the caterpillars. I will come back to see what suggestions people have. BTW – my home state is Vic not SA as listed above. Have a great month.

  3. Great post from your Vegetable patch this month Lizzie!

    All those yummy tomatoes are gorgeous! Wow – 20 Zuchinni plants, that’s amazing. I only have 5 in at the moment with 5 more planted this week. I love this delicious vegetable pickled and can’t wait to add some to my pantry in the next couple of months…

    We have had no rain this month which really sucks – your garden looks fabulous after the rain that you were lucky to receive!

    Thanks for sharing… 🙂

  4. Hey Lizzie … your tomatoes look fantastic! I’m very jealous indeed. Those caterpillars … hmm, might be worth doing an organic spray of garlic or perhaps something with chilli (bit drastic I know). Or maybe Neem might be worth trying. Love that green pepper! Hmm my Black Beauty Zucc always gets powdery mildew – speaking of which I sprayed it with seaweed fert yesterday. 🙂

  5. Hey Lizzie, you are certainly enjoying a bumper crop – I can’t even fathom what I would do with thousands of tomatoes, a lot of passata I imagine.

    Good luck battling the caterpillars, I have started spraying with Dipel and that seems to work pretty well and keep things under control. Dill might be worth looking into, I’ve read that some moths don’t like the smell, but where you’ve got an invasion it might not be as effective.

  6. Your harvest is always very enviable 🙂 Sounds like you have a great community around you to share your supplies with. I hope the chilies survive the next few weeks and you get a few more rain days this month.

  7. Loved the look at your garden. I’m in the opposite position weather wise having had an ongoing winter period with just the odd day or two being warm and sunny. And we’ve had plenty of rain so my tanks are full to overflowing. I’m sure I’ll be complaining about the heat and dry spells soon enough though. I agree about the capsicum, they do take an awfully long time to turn red, but I prefer the red ones so much more. I found in my previous garden that if I left the plant in to over-winter I’d get better, earlier and bigger fruit in the second year. And because set fruit so much earlier I had plenty of time to let them ripen to red.

  8. What an amazing harvest you’ve had Liz. Motivating me to make our small space a lot more effective in terms of planting. Thanks for organising this shared collective. I can see that it will be a great way for a beginner like myself to learn.

  9. fingers crossed my comment works this time … lizzie, thank you again for doing a wonderful job pulling us all together for the garden share collective. you do a magnificent job.
    the weather well and truly has been ‘yoyo’ here as well. i was only thinking this morning that our spring has been more erratic than our winter was. for example, saturday here was warm and sunny and sundress and thongs weather. sunday was back into the woolly jumpers and ugg boots and heater cranked up. i wonder how the garden survives. certainly some of my things have been slow – just a lack of consistently warm weather, i think. but yes as you say – the weeds always grow.
    your zucchinis and tomatoes are wonderful. i want to dive right in to that basket of tomatoes! yum yum!

  10. What gorgeous produce you have grown. The lack of rain can be a huge issue, especially with your huge vegie paddocks. I can’t believe you ever have a weed, it always looks healthy and clean. Your tomatoes are positively glowing, and that huge capsicum + eggplant, I am dreaming of ratatouille! It is wonderful to see your garden each month and the Garden Share Collective is a wonderful tool for getting many enthusiastic gardeners together. Thank you Lizzie, it is so enjoyable viewing everyone’s gardens each month 😀

  11. Good news Lizzie, I am getting your feeds back in my blog reader! Your garden looks abundant and productive as usual despite the crazy weather. Your tomatoes, zucchinis and eggplant look so good. Happy gardening, I hope to be back next month 🙂

  12. WOW! I am in awe of your space and garden Lizzie, so awesome and truly inspirational. We’re currently on the hunt for some property and my number one feature I’m looking out for is some garden space so I can finally plant stuff into the ground. Your harvest is looking great, can’t wait for my tomato plant to start flowering like there’s no tomorrow! And thanks so much for organising this Collective, it is really great and I can’t believe it’s only six months in the running, there are so many people with impressive gardens involved – well done!

  13. Wow, I can imagine you would have your hands full with an acre of vegie garden. One of the things I love about vegie gardening is how you’re constantly striving for improvement. I’m sure next year will be bigger than ever when you’ve got water. We’ve had some unseasonably hot weather down south too. Bit of a worry really.
    Thanks for sharing your garden and for organising the GSC every month 🙂

  14. It’s all looking wonderful, so much produce. I love your comment about weeding for the photos, it’s almost as good as having people coming to look around, it really spurs some action! Great to hear you are inspiring folks to get growing their own!

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