The Lane, Palmwoods


The Lane in Palmwoods was created by three local woman (Sarah, Renae & Katie) who have turned the space into a community orientated area where locals can get together each week. Homegrown Cafe is my favourite place to catch up with people, mind you these days growing vegetables has taken over most of my time. A couple of weeks ago after seeing their latest menu changes I knew it was time again to go and eat some lunch and get off the farm for an hour. I met up with my friend Michelle who lives down the road – well ten minutes away and she visits the lane religiously each week.

We decided to have lunch on a Friday, so I knew while I was there I could check out all the changes that have gone on and see for myself what all the locals are talking about. I knew what the plans for the place were but to see them in full swing is really encouraging for local food producers like myself. People are becoming aware about local food and supporting those who make it.

Ok, on to lunch…


Homemade fettuccine with tomatoes, olives and feta $14


Moroccan spiced chicken & eggplant salad $14


French Love Cake

The Shed



Katie the brains behind the shed has a wonderful collection of edible cookbooks, vintage clothing and other fashion goodies, jewelry and coffee for sale. The shed do their own blend of roasted coffee for all those coffee lovers. A great little shop full of pretty things and on Friday evenings they offer platters of cheese and nommy bits to diners.




Open Friday 5pm – 9pm & Saturday 8am – 2pm


 Dining in the backyard


The veg patch

The Pantry



Yay for Hunchy. Unfortunately those lovely looking bunches of parsley did not come from my farm. We have several folk on our road who bring down goodies for the guys at the Pantry to sell.

Renae established The Pantry to create a place with ethics and less marketing messages in the store. The idea to create a place where shoppers could trust the choice of the owners and that all the label reading was done for them. No nasties in any of the food,  toiletries, dry goods and basic household items. Caring for her own family she wanted to share that eating wholesome food and nurturing yourself can be done locally. Her tiny store will bring back community spirit with its big heart.

“We encourage local people to bring in their surplus from their gardens and we sell it for them at the farmers price taking no mark up. We then give them the money back in the form of pantry dollars so it works like a barter system. The dream is to source all our fresh produce from within our own community” Renae explains to me.  At the moment they are filling the gaps on the shelves from Kunara at Forest Glenn.





Freshly baked breads from Dane at Mooloolaba who is a 3rd generation baker.


The drygoods are all sourced from Australia and are all spray free and some are organic. Renae’s philosophy is keeping the guesswork out where your food comes from for her customers – she supports Australian grown products that are ethically grown.

The Pantry has a range of fruit and veggies, dry goods, cleaning supplies, household items, toiletries, dairy, bread and other pantry items. It’s worth a visit.





Open Thursday 12 – 7pm, Friday 12 – 8pm & Saturday 6.30am – 2pm


Homegrown Cafe



Honest food served simply using local foods, Sarah has created my favourite cafe on the coast. Did I mention I ate the Moroccan Chicken Salad for lunch and it was amazing. I love fresh food and you can really taste the difference when the lettuce is grown out the back of the shop and other ingredients come from other local providers. I am usually a sucker for breakfast down at Homegrown and the scrambled eggs with cheese is such a comfort food for me.

The menu is always changing with what is available and whats in season. Above you can see the in-house fettuccine drying for the pasta dish while below the shelves have cool nic-nacs like these teapot cozies for sale. Well the cakes and slices are in their own element of goodness. Simple food with style, need i say more – visit.




Open Tuesdays – Saturdays 8am – 4pm.

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Lizzie Moult

Lizzie Moult

Planning, cooking, chasing kids & running an online business; it might seem like there is a lot going on. Yet Lizzie is all about living simply and creating a flexible lifestyle that enables plenty of travel, adventure and quality time. A lifestyle writer and photographer for over 10 years for numerous publications, working online for over 14 years Lizzie also works as a mentor for women who are looking to create and live a life with passion & purpose at

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  1. Lizzie, you’ve convinced me to finally go there! I’ve been seeing info and pics about that place so often lately, I figure the universe is trying to tell me something!! Thanks for a great post 🙂

    1. Great write up for a deserving cafe Liz, but you have to give credit to Gary for the roasted coffee – That’s his baby.

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