Ultimate Woodford Folk Festival Camping List

Ultimate Woodford Folk Festival Camping List

The clock is ticking and I have one week to get my bits and pieces ready for Woodford Folk Festival. We camp every year from Christmas Day until New Years Day which makes eight nights on site. The weather can be anything from hot & dry, hot & humid to pouring rain with the odd storm thrown in for good measure. Making packing a nightmare.

Finally after the many years I have written The Ultimate Packing List for Camping at Woodford. So if you are first timer or a seasoned veteran you can click on the link and print out a copy to start that pile of camping gear at the door.  I like to be organised so a list that I can use in years to come is super handy. Plus I get to check things off – feels like I am getting somewhere.

There are many things on the list you can live without but that is up to you and your comfort levels. I have camped without a mattress in a small dank tent with holes in it before. I survived and still had the best Woodford. Now I am getting older I like to have comfort along with being able to make a hot brew in the morning and have a bowl of brekky. Gone are the days of having a beer for breakfast.

I swear by taking your gumboots and emergency poncho for when it rains. The most super comfy shoes you have for all day walking and dancing. It also helps if those shoes can handle the wet and don’t mind a little mud. I usually have a cheap pair of shoes to get me through the mud when I am over wearing gumboots. Don’t forget your hat and sunscreen too.

So if you want to to know what to pack for Woodford or any other festival, I have created the list for you.


Ultimate Festival Camping List – CLICK LINK

Ultimate Woodford Folk Festival Camping List

Ultimate Festival Camping List – DOWNLOAD NOW

Ultimate Woodford Folk Festival Camping List

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Lizzie Moult

Lizzie Moult

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  1. I can’t remember the last time I had a beer for breakfast! Sounds really good though — I should have one again, soon. Preferably with cold pizza. ūüėČ Have a great trip — Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

  2. It’s great to look forward to a holiday and camping is one of my favourite holidays. I loved the phone number on the back of Fred’s shirt as there would be nothing scarier for a child and an adult to lose each other in a big crowd. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

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