Underwater World, Mooloolaba

Underwater World Mooloolaba Sea Life

With only a short time left on the Sunshine Coast, I thought we had better tick off some of the To Do places – like Underwater World. Earlier this week we took Isla to see the fishies and watch the seals followed by fish and chips at the spit. It’s kinda fun being a tourist where you live, you often drive past the tourist attractions or avoid them like the plague (Montiville at 10am saturday and sunday – eek).

The last time I visited Underwater World was when I was at primary school and that was a long time ago. I remember going as part of a school excursion and back then I swear that there was a travelator underneath the water. I remember standing on it and watching the fish swim overhead and it took a long time to get around.

Unfortunately the travelator is gone but you can still walk under water and sharks and giant stingrays will swim over your head. A little surreal but very cool. Isla was still not 100% after getting sick and still now is not well, boo to kids sharing germs. I guess that immunity system  is growing stronger and stronger.

Underwater World Mooloolaba Sea Life Underwater World Mooloolaba Sea Life Underwater World Mooloolaba Sea Life

We watched the seal show, strolled past the otters, spotted Nemo and of course was intrigued by the jellyfish display. For the travelers out there if you have ever been to Osaka’s aquarium you will know that it is hard to compete as they have a large tank of water which houses a whale shark – it is incredible. I have to say that a nice day out to entertain the kids underwater world is pretty affordable and for those that live on the sunshine coast with little ones, get a year pass – such great value. If your kids love fish it is perfect to waste a morning staring at all the colours swimming around.

Isla loved watching the fish, as confusing as it was, she seems to think that anything with eyes at the moment is dangerous – excluding chickens and humans. So she held on tight to Roy for comfort. Highlight was the jellyfish display – I love those guys floating around and the lighting in the display was just cool.

strayedtable-6756 Underwater World Mooloolaba Sea Life Underwater World Mooloolaba Sea Life
Underwater World Mooloolaba Sea Life

What is your favourite fish or aquarium?

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Lizzie Moult

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  1. Looks like a great outing I was last there about 9 years ago. Looking forward to hearing all about your new NSW adventures. Kathy A, Brisbane

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