How cute are they? For the past few months I have heard these ducks quaking happily next door while I potter around the shed. Turns out our neighbours are moving and they needed a new home. Lucky for us I love all things with feathers, so I was happy to give them a new home.

I have had no experience with ducks at all. Unless you can count when I was a kid, my parents use to take us to the duck pond and we would feed our stale bread to the ducks. Not sure this counts however I am keen to learn all about them.

We have five Apple Yard ducks which are good layers and are classed as gourmet meat ducks. mmmm duck. I don’t think we will eat these as the kids from next door will probably never forgive me for turning them it to something delicious. Which means I am going to have to start experimenting with eating duck eggs. I have had duck egg ice-cream before and it was so creamy and rich. I will have to find a recipe for some and make it.

For now they are our pets which we hope to let out to forage for grubs in our garden once a week. For now we are going to let them settle into their new space. They are not the most brightest creatures but their little quacks put a smile on my face and all is forgiven.

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We built a pen on Sunday (the day after Marcia passed over) and with the help from the neighbours we hearded the ducks to their new home. It took a little coaxing at first for them to leave their former home to our green pastures. With some persuasion and all of us armed with sticks, rakes and kids we managed to walk them over 300 meters to their new home.

It was definitely a site to see.

They don’t move very fast due to their webbed feet and the also stick together in a pack so if the leader duck wants to go somewhere they all follow. Very cute. Exhausted by the time they made it through the gate they had a new place to explore along with a bathtub of water to swim in and a new hut.

If you have any advice about keeping ducks I would love to hear it as I am a complete beginner here. Maybe you have a recipe to use duck eggs?



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  1. They look so cute….we had ducks when we were kids and I remember trying to peg my washing on the clothesline and they would be at my feet pecking me….in fact my Mum and my sister were only talking about them last week as they were going through old photos and they found a photo of the duck enclosure…some chicken wire and a few bricks to hold it up with………they were laughing to think of what our chicken coop looks like and when we were kids just some chicken wire in a circle with the bottom bit of it bent flat and the bricks on top…great childhood memories. I’m sure someone will come up with some great recipes for you or Mr Google might have some anyway. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane