West End Market


Third week in of the West End markets we saw the sun come out, however the wind was freezing.  Not suited for any  fellow Queenslander.  We managed to pull a brave face and drink many cups of tea.  As the scones seem to be a hit at the market we have added the extra special pumpkin scone.  Just like Flow made, yes they might be a little better.  But grab a plate of these and park your self under a tree or sun with a big cuppa of tea and put them to your test.

Also this last week I added a few new flavours to the collection, strawberry jam, rhubarb jam, lemon curd, apple jelly and pumpkin butter.  These sold out in a flash, which means that next week I will be in the kitchen cooking up some more.  If any one else has any flavours they would like to see, please let me know.  I have had a request for date and ginger preserve, anything else tickle your fancy?

We don’t have a permanent spot as yet, so that means we will be moving around, so hunt for us!  Benji and myself are going to be braving the weather each week.  Come and say Hi  to us.

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One Response

  1. There’s a market near us in Port Moresby where scorched wallabies (sole whole or in half) or even the odd turtle can be obtained. Usually there are also one of two guys out the front of the supermarket selling live crabs as well (the other day they were also selling lobsters, but I wouldn’t know what to do with a lobster even if it clipped by dick). The guys selling the crabs will see you cruise past in the vehicle and rapidly intone “crebs crebs crebs” as you pass, like a funny, truncated mantra.

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