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We decided to shop at the markets again and eat breakfast.  However the lack of food choices is ridiculous.  You would think the people selling food would buy their yummy fresh produce from the stalls and cook it up into something delicious.  However this is not the case.  I have now decided NOT to eat at the markets anymore.  I’m slightly annoyed, where did my Greek family go that had the best breakfast, lamb and holumi in a roll with salad and sauce and was fresh and made with love all for $7.00!  The only thing close is a shitty hippy wrap for $10 that takes about 15min to wait for,  yeah awesome.

There are still a few places for snacks that I do recommend.

Like El Choripan – Argentinian. Yes.  These guys have empanadas for $3.50 meaty goodness in pastry and you can top it off with chimmichurri.  mmmm, still love this, however not breakfast material.  Which takes me to the Spring Roll Lady.  Everything she has is $1 how can you go wrong.  Well its true how can she.  Not only does this wonderful lady have the time and energy for everyone, she makes a mean curry puff and spring roll.

The Spring Roll below

Roys pretzel for breakfast to go with his coffee, he gave up on breakfast last week here

Well this place.  I have had it for 3 weeks in a row the same thing too. Bacon, mushroom and cheese crepe.  I have been charged from 7.00 to 8.00 for this, different each week.   The first one I had was soggy, with tinned mushrooms and ham.  Not good.  the second week I had a winner, as I asked if they had real mushrooms and they did, so very exciting. and had a great one with all the ingredients out to the edge and still a little crunchy.  But this week at the markets, it almost made me cry.  why…..

Where is my filling, yep.  I’m so disappointed in the old french crepe.  My swiss flat mate can cook better than these guys as well as keeping up the consistency.  I just think if you ask for a crêpe with real fresh mushrooms you should get them, not tinned champinions.  After this experience i will no longer ever want to just try again with the french crêpe,  In hope of having a yummy breakfast. Im going to have to do it myself.  Make my own breakfast that is.

I forgot that the Langos people make a mean spinach and feta bread thing, it’s not too bad.  This is for the cheese lovers out there.  So much cheese.

On the bright side there are snack options at the markets.  Just breakfast is so boring, with german sausage, japanese cabbage egg thing, paella, and the good old bacon and egg roll.  There is so much fresh produce that could be used, but no.  I’m going to have to settle now with buying the best and cooking it myself.  I will have to see what I create this weekend for breakfast.  Mushrooms im sure, with tomatoes and asparagus with smoked leg ham.  Yep Yum

What food do you want to see at the markets for breakfast????? Roy wants to open a store

There are a few good little picks for the true gourmet.  Like deli-licious, this place has great hams and cheeses for sale.  Not to overpriced and is of a great quality.  We pick up something from these guys every week for a treat.

We also been reunited with an old greek couple who used to be at the markets who sell tomatoes, they look like that they grow them themselves and its a $1 a bag.  Bargain!  this is what it is about supporting farmers and people who put love into their food.  Not slap happy what ever crepes.  Still angry I know.

So go to west end market to pick up some yummy treasures and get home and create your own breakfast, before the disappointment of not finding anything descent to eat.  Or getting upset when it just doesn’t fulfill your tastebuds

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