West End Markets

When not to hung over to move on a Saturday morning myself and up to 4 other house mates venture down two blocks to the Davies Park markets. Here we purchase required vegetable provisions for the oncoming week. My favorites that i always seem to buy too much of: spinach and eggplant. Though i did manage to make a ratatouille this week with the help of our newly acquired French house mate.

Besides weekly provisions the other main draw of the markets is of course the food to help remove the aforementioned hangover. A favorite is always Langos, which is deep fried Hungarian bread. Sorry no picture, the memory of 24 hours of indigestion has kept me away recently.

Another favorite is crepes. The one pictured below is the “Aussie Crepe” which has egg, bacon and cheese inside. Many other varieties are to be had both sweet & savory. I’m unsure how much of a bastardization crepes with chicken, tomato, mushroom and cheese filled crepes are from the original French idea. But they are damn tasty this way.
And another is the German hot dog stand. This is a frankfurter with some sauerkraut. Good sausage to bun ratio keeps me happy here. All washed down with some lemonade and maybe a donut and I’m ready for some lying down on a couch watching a bit of Deadwood.In other areas of my life, all my stuff is packed ready for storage. Less than 4 weeks and I’m gone. Even got my act together enough to book a trip up Machu Picchu. Have also told a few people about this site, might even get a comment one day, hooray.

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